The Business School of Happiness, Inc. (BSH) is a small independent publisher founded in early 2010.  BSH publishes books, e-books and e-pubs, audios, videos and downloads.  Our wide variety of books provide insight and practical advice in direct, no-nonsense ways to help improve the lives of our readers.  For more on our themes, please refer to our Philosophy page.

BSH owns and publishes the TurboCharged™ series including:

  • TurboCharged:  Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust
  • The TurboCharged Mind:  Eliminate Bad Habits with Hypnosis
  • TurboCharged Recipes:  Delicious Fuel for Your Fat Burning Machine
  • TurboCharged™ Hypnosis Audio Download Series including the following topics:  a free Beginner Meditation, Relaxation, Fat Loss, Quit Smoking and Greater Energy.

BSH also owns The Flip Side™ Series – which explores the pros and cons of just about any life circumstance you might imagine, desire, covet or envy.

BSH partner, Dian Griesel, also owns the copyrights to the following business books:

ENGAGE: Smart Ideas to Get More Media Coverage, Build Your Influence and Grow Your Business for Free
FUNDaMentals: The Corporate Guide to Cultivating Investor Mindshare
UNCAPPED: The CEOs Guide to a Bigger and Better Marketcap
101 Platinum Plus Rules for Media Engagement
Capitalization Success

The Business School of Happiness is wholly owned by Dian Griesel and Thomas J. Griesel.